Ts-713 Mid-Mallet

Ts-713 Mid-Mallet




An update on the classic blade, featuring soft subtle sloping flange lines. The larger body moves the weight to the perimeter creating a perfectly balanced putter, thus keeping the head square at impact. The unique alignment allows for perfect address, while the diamond pattern face provides a classic feel and sound at impact. 






WEIGHT___________ 370 grams


LOFT______________ 4º


LIE________________ 70º


LENGTH__________ 33", 34", 35", 36"


Balance________ face balanced/Toe Hang


HEAD MATERIAL__ 303 U.S.A. stainless steel


HEAD FINISH______Silver/Black


GRIP______________ black T SQUARED standard grip






Custom LOFT______ -2º to +2º


Custom LIE_________ -2º to +2º


Custom LENGTH___ 1/2" lengths available


Custom GRIP_______ choose from 4 Flat Cat grips